Not only for men

Do you love sex and all erotic practices? Do you think that sex is the best sport and that it can help remove your worries and stress? If you like this area of entertainment, you definitely will like also erotic massage. We offer you special occasion – try procedures with erotic context, but there cannot be any sex, only touches and excitement, but not real sex. You can come to our salon in Prague or you can visit us in all bigger cities along your wish. First you will choose your girl, who will take care about you during procedure and then you should choose also type of procedure. There are lots of possibilities, so you will find the best for you. Then you can enjoy procedure that will start by aromatic bath and then, you will be like in Eden.

For brave pairs

These procedures are definitely not only for men, but also for women. We have procedures also for brave pairs, because someone needs special place, special atmosphere and original context. Don´t wait long time and make your order on our websites or you can call us and tell us all your wishes. There is important your satisfaction, so don´t be afraid and try something new.

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